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Helping CPAs, Accountants and Tax preparation firms in their clients’ write-up process; allowing your team to free up time and focus on more revenue generating prospects.

Our bookkeepers stay available to your team for any and all accountancy tasks – be it posting bank/card transactions, matching bank payments/deposits with bills/invoices, reconciliations, custom reporting for client needs and so on.

Our bookkeepers will work together with your team to keep your clients books in order through the year and support you in the tax preparation in the tax season.

We will not have any direct client correspondences and work done on all clients will be quantified in hours to you, in order to enable you to bill your clients accordingly.

Bookkeeping & Payroll

BookkeeperLive works with accounting firms nationwide through our Accounting Firm Support Program.

Outsourced bookkeeping allows CPAs to focus on providing added value with advisory services, rather than spending time & resources on lower margin tasks like bookkeeping.

Our accounting professionals are available dailyand reachable by CPAs and clients to make desired additions and/or alterations to the books.

The bookkeeping rates for professionalsare on an hourly basis. And partners to the Support Program are subject to reduced hourly rates depending on the Synergy rate card.

Tax Preparation

Tax season or not, keep your work load balanced with the support of our tax return preparers. No matter the quantum of work your clients shower upon you during ‘the season’, our team is here to help you get through your tax returns without breaking a sweat.


Individual Income Taxes

'C' Corporation Income Taxes

S' Corporation Income Taxes

Partnership Income Taxes

Fiduciary Income Taxes

Non-Profit Corporation Taxes

Non-Resident Tax Return Preparation

Fiduciary Income Taxes

Small Business Tax Return Preparation


Individual Income Taxes (for all states)

Corporation Income Tax Returns

Partnership Income Tax Returns

Intangible Tax Returns

Tangible Tax Returns

Charter/Franchise Tax Returns

Capital gains taxes

Gift Tax Return Preparation

CFO / Controller Synergy Program

Integrity of the financial data an Accounting professional receives is critical to making operational decisions. Whether you're a full-time CFO looking for bookkeeping or transactional support, a part-time or interim CFO requiring the involvement of controller oversight, or a Controller looking for back office bookkeeping support, BookkeeperLive puts the data you need right in your hands.

Complete back-office bookkeeping support

Accurate, timely and thorough financial reporting on any custom determined due dates

Controller assisted forecast and budget projections

A seamless synergy between the bookkeeper and controller team

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Why Outsource?

The major reason to oursource accounting and bookkeeping is to maximise return on your core competencies. Much of one’s time is spent on managing the existing clients’ work (a significant amount on grunt work alone), not leaving you time to bring in new ones. Outsourcing increases the time you have on hand. You know the best use of your time.

Never think twice to take on new and/or large clients. With a vast offshore team at your disposal, there is no limit to the work you can undertake. Your service delivery capability to your clients will no longer be limited to the time you have!

In addition to the payroll taxes & office overheads on employees, you also save yourself the pressure, hassle and time consumption on training, vacations, sick/adhoc leaves etc. Not to mention having to replace someone who quit at a critical time or suddenly needing extra hands during the tax season! When you opt to outsource, a sudden loss of an employee is not a matter of worry since the larger size of the team makes it easy to absorb any such staff loss without affecting your service delivery.

Bookkeeping & especially tax prep workloads are never evenly spread through the year. Your staff salary and overheads though remain mostly the same throughout. Outsourcing provides a certain flexibility that is difficult to achieve purely based on in-house resources. This flexibility lets you make the most of the summer.

Focusing only on tax matters? Why not take in bookkeeping as an ancilliary service. The better the books, the easier and clearer the taxes, right? You get the books prepared just as you would like, just when you want; save time on tax prep and get the bookkeeping fees as well. This is just one of the ways of creating a new revenue stream. With a competent back office at your disposal, it is upto you to decide what/how/where you can get new billable services. Lo and behold, you are making hay without the sun!

Offshore teams are usually located in a different time zone, where the day starts early by 4 to 11 hours. So your work is being completed even when you’re fast asleep. And for those instances where you come up with an urgent task that needs a quick turnaround: the task sent over by the end of a day can be processed and kept ready for you the next morning!

Everything else is the same. The economy. The software. The knowledge. The education. Yet other firms are growing faster. May be snatching away your clients too. Your peers around the corner are most probably using outsourcing to propel their practice. Why be the one to ignore a tool without even giving it a try?

Services of Covid-19

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