Need help figuring out the best package? Tell us a bit more about your average monthly expenses and we will help you pick the best plan.

Every single plan includes a bookkeeping team that will handle your monthly books with the assistance of an intuitive software tool which will also be used to track your financials.

BKL Features

Custom Pricing

If you own more than one business, you can go for a customized annual or monthly subscription.

Scalable Plans

We will be able to review your plan annually and make sure that you have covered up everything as per the changes needed.

Freedom to Cancel Anytime

We don’t have any long term commitments or contracts. You have freedom to cancel your subscription at any given time.

Responsive Support

Every single plan will include the service of an in-house dedicated team of bookkeeping experts.

Catch Up With Bookkeeping

If you are behind on your books, you can catch up on bookkeeping with the services offered by BKL.

Transfer Data Effortlessly

Sync with most major banks and payment platforms to gather your financial data. Exchange of reports & statements through secure cloud transfer portals.

Other Services for Businesses

Controller Services

A service specifically designed to suit the needs of growing businesses.

Controllers are account managers with extensive experience in financial management and controller service who oversee all work completed by our full-time bookkeepers, close client books on a monthly or quarterly basis and provide consultations on a wide variety of client matters.

They are responsible for overseeing all client accounts, providing timely insights and financial advice, and carrying out proactive account management.

A list of the common tasks our Controllers carry out:

CFO Support Services

Integrity of the financial data an Accounting professional receives is critical to making operational decisions. Whether you're a full-time CFO looking for bookkeeping or transactional support, a part-time or interim CFO requiring the involvement of controller oversight, or a Controller looking for back office bookkeeping support, BookkeeperLive puts the data you need right in your hands.

Accounts Payables / Accounts Receivables service

Don’t want to spend a lot of time in tracking vendor dues and making bill payments? Or want your customers to pay your Sales invoices at the earliest?Let our team handle your Accounts Payables and/or Accounts Receivables for you.

Specify the level of involvement you need in the process and we’ll take care of everything –from payment set-up, intra-account reconciliation to paying off bills in accordance with the credit terms applicable.

Services of Covid-19

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